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HubSpot Migration Services

Migrate from your current CRM, CMS, or system with ease through our HubSpot migration services.
Our team of HubSpot experts helps you migrate your website page and blogs to the HubSpot platform. Whether you need the same look and feel or you want to utilize HubSpot temples, our team helps with end-to-end, easy migration.
HubSpot Migration Services

Our HubSpot Migration Services

Shifting from legacy systems and tools to HubSpot has now become hassle-free. Our experts help you export old data from your CRM, website, or any CMS you use and set it in HubSpot without losing your web presence. As a full-service HubSpot migration agency, we offer the following:

CRM Data Migration

We migrate your complex data like products, orders, reports, contacts, reports, processes, and much more to your HubSpot CRM. No matter how complex your data is, you can rely on our experts for a seamless data migration.

Website Migration

Migrate your website to HubSpot with the ability to retain your website look and feel or use pre-built features, themes, templates, and modules to give it a makeover. Our HubSpot migration services cater to all your business needs.

Custom Migration

Whether you need to combine multiple CRMs to combine or split the data from different systems, our HubSpot experts help you do it all. Our custom HubSpot migration services help you cater to all your personalized and customized needs.


We Help You Migrate from Leading CRM to HubSpot

Migrate from popular CRMs, CMSs, and different automation tools to HubSpot. Our expertise includes Zoho, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics, Cooper, Zendesk, Freshsales, Marketo, and much more…..

Pricing that fits your budget

Our HubSpot Migration Pricing

We offer customized pricing, so you don’t pay additional for services you don’t require. Our HubSpot migration cost is adjusted to fit the complexity of your project and your business needs. Choose the options that best suit your requirements.

Basic Migration


One time payment for up to 100,000 records

Advance Migration


One time payment for Unlimited records

Looking For HubSpot Migration Partner?

Look No Further, as Your Journey Ends Here With us

Feeling confused about migrating from your current solution to HubSpot? Don’t worry; our HubSpot migrations experts will help you plan and decide from scratch over a consultation call.

Our HubSpot Integration Process

Requirement Analysis

Our HubSpot Migration starts with collecting your requirements and knowing what content and data you want to migrate. Our experts take note of each specific requirement you have before actual migration starts.

Access and Audit Data

We get access to your data and review it along with your current CRM and website. Our experts help you identify the data that needs to be migrated, and they help you with cleanup suggestions and much more.

Design Import Strategy

We will create a plan for Migrating your data to HubSpot, encompassing:
  • Aligning your data with HubSpot’s workflows
  • Deciding on the migration method
  • Establishing a migration timeline

Perform Migration

Here we perform the actual HubSpot CMS migration as per the decided strategy. Our expert ensures that all your requirements are catered to and your data is successfully migrated to your HubSpot CRM.

Testing & Maintenance

Once the HubSpot website migration is completed, we ask our experts to test and validate everything in your system to see if it works fine. Our team is always there to provide additional maintenance per your business requirements.

Why Businesses Choose Pointlab Software for HubSpot Migration?

When you choose Pointlab Software as your HubSpot migration services company, you get the safety of your data and streamlined processes, so your team can focus on growing your business. Choose us, and you get:

Custom Migration

Get fully customized HubSpot migrations services whether you need to switch your website, blogs, CRM, or entire CMS.

98% Client Satisfaction

Our services are personalized to our client’s needs, which results in higher satisfaction.

40% Cost Saving

Save costs by choosing Pointlab Software over HubSpot’s migration packages.

100+ Project Expertise

Smooth and successful HubSpot migration for 100+ customers in different business verticals.

30+ Certifications

Our team of experts is certified with 30+ certificates by HubSpot itself.

Ready For Growth?

Migrate to HubSpot and Uplift your Business to Newer Heights.

FAQs on HubSpot Migration

Yes, you need a live website to migrate to HubSpot. We must utilize the CCS and HTML from your live site to migrate to HubSpot. If you don’t have a live website but a live URL in staging, we can also migrate it.
Yes, a few elements get changed while migrating to HubSpot. These elements may include tables, rollover effects, anchor tags, pop-ups, spacing, non-standard fonts, and responsive layout.
You need to have professional or enterprise plans for successful data, website, or CMS migration to HubSpot. For blogs, you need to have at least a HubSpot starter plan.However, if you do not have plans purchased yet, our experts will help you select and purchase a suitable plan for you.
Yes, you can avail yourself of additional customizations on your website when migrating to HubSpot. Our experts can customize the front end, layouts, and other processes as per your requirements.
The cost of migrating to HubSpot depends upon your business and customization needs. However, for very small-scale migration, our packages start at $599. We provide free quotations based on our client’s custom or advanced migration needs.
The timeline of migration is directly proportional to the scope of the project, and the customizations involved in it. If we calculate the tentative time to migrate to HubSpot, it will take between 2 weeks and 8 months.
No, it does not affect your current SEO rankings. Migrating to HubSpot will not decrease your organic traffic or your keywords ranking in general.
When it comes to HubSpot’s migration, the focus is usually on transferring website pages and templates. However, the process typically does not include historical data, automation, and other marketing assets. Pointlab Software, on the other hand, offers personalized migration services that are tailored to each client’s specific requirements. In addition to website and CRM customization, we also handle database management and other related tasks. By partnering with Pointlab Software for your HubSpot migration, you can trust that your team will receive comprehensive support throughout the entire process.

Our Other HubSpot Services

We are not just limited to HubSpot Migration. We deliver all HubSpot services, including:

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